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NEW Mark Vidler 'T76 EP'
'T76 EP' is now available for purchase / streaming.
5 tracks written, performed & produced by Mark Vidler

Mark Vidler T76 EP


Distant Shadows
A Million Miles Away
She Lives (In The Back Of My Mind)
I'm Feeling Fine (Way To Go)

Recorded in Northampton Spring 2015.

What does it sound like?

"Five Psychedelically-flavoured pop songs that conjure up images of
Summer moving into Autumn, with a wistful wave to an era long passed..."


"A broken car registration plate, picked up from the roadside on the way
to Weston Favell, Northampton during recording sessions April 2015..."

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Promo Video for lead track 'Distant Shadows' now on YouTube

Video filmed & edited by Mark Vidler 2015

Latest: 22/08/2015

Go Home Productions 'Sweeney & Hutch'
Discovered in a recent GHP archive raid:
An outtake from Starsky & Hutch with dubbing for British audiences...

Latest: 06/08/2015

NEW Go Home Productions 'Sleazy Egyptian' 4-Track EP

Check out the MP3 page for a brand new 4-track 'Virtual Vinyl' EP and
'Virtual VHS' collection.
FREE MP3's & MP4's for Summer 2015, GHP-Style.



ADDICTIVE TV Live show in London Thursday 26th Feb 2015
Addictive TV performing new 'Orchestra Of Samples' show at Rich Mix
in Shoreditch, London.
Howie B // Kizzy Crawford also.

Those of you who have been following Mark Vidler's activities in recent years
will no doubt be aware that he is one half of Audio Visual artists
Addictive TV.
This Thursday 26th Feb 2015, Addictive TV will be performing their new
live show 'Orchestra Of Samples' at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, London.

A brief explanation of 'Orchestra':
It's taken 5 years to film improvised recording sessions with more
than 150 musicians all around the world, who have then been sampled
to create a kind of digital supergroup of artists who never met!

They will be joined onstage by live musicians including a beatboxer, fiddle
player & sitarist.
Mark Vidler will aslo be strapping on the guitar for a couple of numbers.

Full event details here:

Latest: 08/08/2014

NEW Trypshop Show 12 "This Is (Power) Pop?"
Hosted by Mark Vidler.

Download MP3 here


Go Home Productions 'Spliced Krispies Vol 2':
Go Home Productions follow-up to 2008's 'Spliced Krispies' is now available
for free download.

(Un)Imaginatively titled 'Spliced Krispies Vol 2' it consists of 12 brand new
GHP bootlegs/m@sh-ups, put together in the past 2 months.
As previously, videos have been created to compliment the 12 tracks which
feature re-imagined songs by the likes of The Beatles, Madonna, Hendrix,
Elvis Costello, Blondie, The Stranglers, Queens Of The Stone Age, Arcade Fire
and The Knack amongst others.

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Addictive TV Autumn/Winter shows confirmed:
Check the Live Dates page for full details

Trypshop show #11 now online, "Beatlesque" Bands & Artists:

Download MP3 here

Update: 16/05/2013

GHP "Imagine The Band" (Lennon/Wings) /
New GHP Website / Mark Vidler Single, EP and Album / Official Mike Keneally Remix / Addictive TV Support Wang Chung in London /

GHP "Imagine The Band" (Lennon/Wings) goes viral:
For whatever reason, this 2 year old GHP bootleg has gone viral the past
couple of days, with YouTube views hitting 320,000 in one day.
Huffington Post mention amongst others too.

If you want the MP3 of "Imagine The Band", you will find it on the
Go Home Productions - Bones: A Collection of GHP Snacks 2008-2012
compilation on the MP3 page

Originally created 2011

GHP website
Has had a complete update.
Feel free to get to know all the Vidler/GHP Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
Soundcloud & Bandcamp links - where most of the instant updating
takes place.

Mark Vidler Single, EP and Album released today:
16 new Mark Vidler originals available through Bandcamp
The follow up to 2009's "The Future, The Past & The Present Tension".
All tracks written and recorded 2012-2013.

Visit the Bandcamp page to hear / share / purchase all the tracks.
Quick links on the right panel below:

Artwork & Tracklistings:

Mark Vidler "Miss Quoted & Mr Meaner" (single) 2013

AA Side 'novelty' single, give it a listen and you'll find out why soon enough.
A British side & an American side, two tracks:

"Miss Quoted & Mr Meaner"
"Hangin' Out In A Lost And Found"

Mark Vidler "Izzy Tamazi & The Snake Charmers" EP 2013

4 Track EP featuring:

"Izzy Tamazi & The Snake Charmers"
"Spatial Odyssey"
"Tiger Moth"
"Rooftop Parade"

Mark Vidler "Bean Sprouts, Noodles & Half-Baked Doodles" (album) 2013

10 track album of Vidler originals, featuring:

"Wing Clipping"
"Motorik Driving School Accident"
"AquaDub (Dreamstate #4)"
"Picasso's Garden Of Eden (Dreamstate #2)"
"East Paradise"
"Voodoo Hip-Shake/Moon Walkers"
"Dead Walkers Theme"

Addictive TV supporting Wang Chung / London May 25th:

Mark Vidler will be pulling on his Addictive TV hat as the duo play live in
London at the end of this month, supporting 80's band Wang Chung
at Bush Hall in Uxbridge, London on Sat May 25th.

It is Wang Chung's first appearance in London for 25 years.
Visit the Live Dates section for full details.
Addictive TV will be performing their live Audio Visual show, which will
feature their recent remix of Wang Chungs "Dance Hall Days":